Riddex Quad Pest Repelling Aid Sonic And Electromagnetic Technology

OFF -70% Riddex Quad Pest Repelling Aid Sonic And Electromagnetic Technology
This product has the ability to repel rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other functions; professional production: infrasound drive dog, infrasound mosquito repellent device, infrasound drive cockroach device, sub sound insect repellent 
Product working principle: 
This product has the frequency continuous gap change given the ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic wave, mice, insects attack sensory nerve and brain central nervous system, which is very painful, fear and discomfort, loss of appetite, body convulsion hammer, lower reproductive potential, unable to survive and escape from the ultrasonic radiation area. Its effective area of about 200 square meters. 
1, the machine will be plugged into the wall outlet, you will be able to see the green light, red flashing lights, then the machine began to work properly. When you use the machine for the first time, turn on the power, and then switch the switch to the frequency of the worm you need. In just a few days, maybe you will find during activities such as insects increased because ultrasonic them from a hiding place to force out within a short period of time they will fly low, all out. After three to six weeks, all the rats and vermin are removed, no longer bothering you. If the machine is plugged into the wall of the power socket, you can always control the situation, the cost of a year is not much, and no longer need to buy dangerous chemicals, no longer need to clean the cage. 
Green light: indicates that the device has been working, throughout the work process, has been lit; 
[red]: indicates that the device is working properly or off, 3 minutes to work, close to 3 minutes, has been repeated this process; 
[blue light]: press the device at the top of the white button, can be used as the night light. 
Three, matters needing attention: 
1, the machine should be installed in the ground from 20 to 80CM, the requirements of the vertical to the ground into the power socket; 
2, the installing point should be avoided from carpets, curtains and other sound-absorbing materials, to prevent the pressure decrease of the register was smaller and the effect of anthelmintic effect; 
3, the use of a few days ago, if found rats, pests and other activities increased significantly, is a normal phenomenon. Because usually hiding in the nest of rats, insects were attacked by ultrasound, have fled their original hiding place; 
4, note: moisture-proof, waterproof; 
5, do not use strong solvents, water or wet cloth to clean the body, use a dry soft cloth dipped in some neutral detergent clean the fuselage; 
6, do not let the machine fall or make its strong impact; 
7, the use of ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius; 
8, if placed in the warehouse or goods pile up, or building houses should use several sets machine to increase the effect

Product Type Riddex Quad Pest Repelling Aid
SKU M1572
Other Notes - Humanely drives pests from your home - No chemicals, poisons, traps or dead pests to clean up -100% Safe to use around children, electronics and most pets - Built to protect multiple rooms of a house, apartment or condominium - Immediately starts paying for itself - Built-in nightlight and LED indicator - Easy and safe to use - Non-toxic - no chemicals and no poison - Simply plug into any home outlet

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